Reflections on Coding, and Science Education

React-Redux: How It Works

I’ve completed my project, added comments within my code, written a technical blog post, and recorded my video walkthrough. Now, it’s review time. In this blog post, I’ll review the core concepts of React and Redux by stepping through my project files and explaining what is happening under the hood. This should be a great way to solidify my own understanding, and I hope that it helps you, too.

Climate Data Dashboard: React-Redux Project

Climate Data Dashboard is a tool for science teachers and students to promote data analysis and productive discussion about data. As a middle school teacher, I was always trying to help my students to examine and compare data across multiple sources. My students needed more practice making observations about the data, as well as generating questions about the data to guide further inquiry. As a teacher, I struggled to find and present appropriate data sources. The Data Climate Dashboard addresses all of these challenges by providing a collection of data sources that can displayed together, and providing opportunities for students to interact with the data as well as interact with the ideas of their classmates, which drives discussion and further inquiry.

Watershed Monitor: JavaScript and Rails Project

I created Watershed Monitor to fill a real environmental need. We currently have the science we need to make the needed changes to protect our water quality, and we have many laws and regulations at every level related to managing and protecting our water quality. However, most government agencies and organizations lack the capacity to effectively monitor and enforce these regulations and support best practices. This application aims to help reduce this capacity problem. By calling on the public to collect and report data on water quality, the data can be used to help agencies and organizations prioritize their enforcement and support where it is most needed.

MyDIY: Rails Project

*MyDIY is a collaborative project planning and blogging app for Do-It-Yourself-ers, House-Flippers, and Property Managers. Each User can work on multiple projects and collaborate in different ways with other users. Users can create project goals, updates, resources, and post images as their goals are being completed. *

How To...Rails: Validations

Validations in Rails allow us to protect the data that is entered into our database by checking whether it meets certain criteria or requirements. This is important because savvy hackers could edit the HTML on our form views and create or modify fields that should not be available to them. To prevent this, we can use common validation methods that are included in ActiveRecord, create custom validation methods, and display error messages and redirects when a user tries to enter invalid data.