Jesse Byers

Full Stack Web Developer and Science Educator

Passionate about applying the design process and collaborating to develop strategies and tools to increase equitable access to science educational technology and computer science education for all students and teachers.

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Science Teaching

Seven years of experience teaching middle school science, integrating science, technology, engineering, computer science, and place-based education.

District Administration

Two years of experience directing curriculum, instruction, and assessment for a K-12 public school district, as well as one year coordinating the International Baccalaureate (IB) curriculum.

Curriculum Development and Design

Four years of experience supporting science teachers through curriculum development, professional development, and virtual coaching.


Flatiron School

Full Stack Web Development, Ruby on Rails and JavaScript program

September 2019 - April 2020

Harvard Graduate School of Education

Masters Degree in Education (M.Ed.); School Leadership Program

September 2004 - June 2005

Georgetown University

Bachelor of Science in Linguistics; Linguistics and Psychology Majors

September 1997 - June 2001


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COVID-19 World Tracker Video Demo

Currently Working On...COVID-19 World Tracker

JavaScript (React) and D3

A tool for visualizing and comparing COVID-19 data on a global scale.

Users can choose from a large menu of real-time COVID-19 data to display on a map visualization

Users can create custom collections of countries for comparison from day one of the pandemic to the current date

Data is fetched from multiple external APIs in real-time to display up-to-the-minute data

Integrates React with D3 to generate interactive dashboards, map visualizations, and bar charts

Climate Data Dashboard Video Demo

Climate Data Dashboard

JavaScript (React-Redux) and Ruby (Rails API)

An application for science teachers and students to promote data analysis and productive discussion.

Teachers can create a data dashboard as well as add new data to the database

Students can interact with and reflect on the data, view others reflections, and agree / disagree with other ideas

Utilizes a Rails backend API, and a React-Redux frontend including React-Router and Thunk

Watershed Monitor Video Demo

Watershed Monitor

JavaScript (Google Maps JavaScript API) and Ruby (Rails)

An application for public reporting and monitoring of violations, best practices, and water quality data.

Designed features to allow users to record and delete data, view data, and filter observations

Integrated Google Maps JavaScript API to enable precise mapping and tracking of location data

Developed a Ruby on Rails backend API using Postgres database and a JavaScript frontend

MyDIY Video Demo


Ruby (Rails)

Demo Username: Test / Demo Password: testpw

A collaborative project planning web application for DIYers, house flippers, and property managers.

Designed features including setting goals, sharing resources and updates, posting photos, changing project status

Provided secure login and authorization for multiple user roles and custom access levels

Utilized Ruby on Rails with a Postgres database to persist user data on home improvement projects

Bird Log Video Demo

Bird Log

Ruby (Sinatra)

Demo Username: Test / Demo Password: Testpw

An application for recording bird sightings and creating a personalized bird guide.

    Designed features including secure login, form to record bird data, and view all user observations

    Utilized web scraping with Nokogiri and Open-URI to integrate data on each bird from the Audubon Bird Guide

    Built using Sinatra framework, ActiveRecord, MVC pattern, restful routing, and full CRUD actions